Xmas Fairy
Santa's Spectacular

Join us for the most exciting and fun-filled day ever. Fly to the still, white wilderness of Lapland where, as every child knows, a Very Special Person lives among snowy forests, husky dogs and reindeer. With all activities included, it's an exclusive festive day trip that your family will remember forever.

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Fly to Pajala

Your day begins with your exclusively chartered direct flight to Pajala, 80 kilometres beyond the Arctic Circle and gateway to the heart of Swedish Lapland. Your flight will be the only 'Santa' flight to Pajala on this day and on arrival, you'll be met by your Lappish hosts, dressed in traditional Sami costume, and will board a coach to make a short journey to 'Santa's Home', a place of magic and wonder for everyone.

Wrapped up against the Arctic chill in the thermal garments that are supplied on arrival, in no time at all you'll be heading out into the snow to start your adventures. All the activities take place at points a short distance from the central area. Warming drinks will be available throughout the day.

Private Meeting with a Special Person

The highlight of the day will come as you make your way through the forest on a 'secret' path lit with twinkling lights, to Santa's log cabin where the great man himself is waiting to greet each child personally - it's the most magical moment of all, as wide-eyed children's dreams come true, and a smile - or a tear - is guaranteed on every adult's face.

Magical Santa Reindeer Sleigh Ride

reindeerIf anything sums up the magic and wonder of your day, then it's the journey on a traditional sleigh pulled by some of Santa's reindeer - though possibly not Rudolph and his friends, since flying sleighs aren't approved by Lapland Elf and Safety. Sit back beneath a warm blanket and enjoy the moment, as you 'jingle all the way' through the forest - another highlight of a wonderful day!

Husky Dog Experience

Very much the 'work horses' of the Sami people before the 'skidoo' came along, the teams of hardy, sure-footed huskies were vital for man's survival in the inhospitable Arctic for centuries. Learn all about this wonderful breed and the 'art' of mushing, and enjoy an exhilirating ride over the frozen ground in a traditional sleigh drawn by the willing dogs.

Thrilling Snowmobile Adventure

Race through the snowy wilderness on a high-powered snowmobile, following prepared tracks across frozen lakes and along forest paths. Holders of full driving licenses can take the controls, while for children under 15 there will be the chance to be pulled along in a sleigh. A very modern alternative to the traditional husky-drawn sleigh, the snowmobile has revolutionised transportation in Lapland, and is a thrilling experience to boot!

Warm Drinks & Lunch Included

Your Lapland Daybreak includes a two-course lunch, as well as warming hot drinks, which are available at several points adjacent to the various activity locations. 


In Norrbotten County in northern Sweden, Pajala Municipality has always been a natural trading place, where people from Sweden, Finland and the native Sami people gathered

The new Pajala airport, opened in 1999, has made this previously difficult to reach area accessable for the south.

Pajala is near the Finish border and as far north as the Finish reasort of Levi.

Pajala Airport

Transfer time to Santa's Holiday Village is appromimately 10 minutes. The thermal suits and boots will be collected on arrival.

All activites take place nearby.

Departure Day Date
  London Gatwick   Sat   02-Dec-17  
  London Gatwick   Sun   03-Dec-17  
  Leeds Bradford   Sat   09-Dec-17  
  Norwich   Sun   10-Dec-17  
  Liverpool   Fri   15-Dec-17  
  Cardiff   Sat   16-Dec-17  
  Cardiff   Sun   17-Dec-17  
  Bournemouth   Mon   18-Dec-17  
  Exeter   Tue   19-Dec-17  
  Humberside   Wed   20-Dec-17  
  East Midlands   Thu   21-Dec-17  
  Glasgow   Fri   22-Dec-17  
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Temperatures in Lapland can dip to -20ºc or lower. You will be provided with thermal outfits and boots for outdoor activities, but please remember to wrap up warmly and bring your own hats, gloves and scarves.